Resumes for Children is more than a website that encourages resume development for children. We are here to help solve problems such as:

  • Elevating your child’s reading levels by doing one simple thing
  • Finding out-of-the way places to obtain college scholarships
  • Where parents can get monies to pay for their children’s activities

We’re here to help parents find F.R.E.E. activities for their children that will help build the children strong resumes – the word F.R.E.E. means Finding Real Educational Experiences. There are a lot of informational goodies on ResumesforChildren.com. As you stick around, please comment; let’s start a conversation, share articles, and assist others in life, so c’mon, let’s go!


Did You Know?

Your child can get a taste of college before he or she actually attends? Visit http://www.academicearth.com and listen to lectures from top colleges and universities like M.I.T. (Massachusettes Institute of Technology), Carnegie Mellon, Standford, UC Berkeley, and Villanova. 

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