Keynote Presentation Topics

  • Resumes for Children - The Seminar! 

I give this fun, fantastic, and brilliant seminar.

  • Learn 5 things a resume can do for a child. I explain why this is one adult consideration that is beneficial to a child. I answer the question "Why would a child need a resume"? The answers will pleasantly surprise you.
  • Learn what to include on a child's resume
  • Get ideas for possible career options for a child
  • Learn how to obtain finances to fund a child's activities
  • Learn how to "create" a child's experience" when it appears there is none
  • Uncover FREE resources to help build a child's resume
  • Learn how to have others pronounce a child's name correctly every time
  • Examine additional information seldom seen on children's resumes
  • Examine 10 uses for a child's resume
  • Are resume extensions sabotaging a child?
  • Learn this simple trick to keep a child's resume current

Seminar Length: 1 and 1/2 hours 

Recommended age to participate: children 12 years old and up

  • The Fragrance of a Girl's World - Wonderful and encouraging anecdotes, thought provoking insights, and common sense avenues to creating sweet smells of success along with endurance in a girl's life. Sometimes common sense is not always common. You'll love this seminar!

  • Free and Budget Friendly Activities that Rock! - I share out-of-the-box activities that your child will love and that most parents have not thought about.

  • Helping Your Child's Future, Now! - I discusses how various activities can provide ideas for career choices for your child.

  • Anyone Can "Behave" Their Way to Success - Actions speak louder than words. Learn 5 things your child can begin doing toward their own success.

  • How Your Child Can Become a Book Reviewer  - You'll receive Step by Step Instructions!
  • Learn 15 benefits for your child as he or she reviews books
  • Learn what book review websites are looking for children to review books
  • Learn how to independently contact children book authors to review their books
  • Learn what types of jobs are available that pertain to books




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